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Improving anti-viral safety

Premium certified air-sterilizing devices designed for ensuring
your safe breath and strong protection from Covid-19

Advanced portable air purifiers will keep your lungs safe at home, in-office, or car.

Delegate the tending of your lungs to a blend of technologies that kills bacteria and allergens while also sterilizing the air from chemicals, dust, and smoke.

Negative oxygen ion

Isolate the virus

Isolation of PM2.5

Dust and bacteria removal

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Key product features

Choose the perfect product for you

  • Wearable
  • Virusler Necklace

    • Killing bacterias around you on the go
    • Mostly affordable
    • Lowest price
    • Certified in European Union
Virusler Portable
  • Portable, Car, Desktop
  • Virusler Mobile

    • High quality aluminium case
    • Designed by Swedish company
    • Gesture control
    • Certified in EU & North America
  • Robot
  • Virusler Robot

    • Any multi-room space sterilization
    • AI-powered
    • Most efficient – double sterilization
    • Certified in 40+ countries

Courier express delivery from our quarantine-free warehouse to your doorstep is available, same-day order

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Choose the perfect product for you